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First of All, I'm Female
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12:37 pm - Fandom Hiatus
It's come to a point that I will be doing more important things than maintaining this site... I can't find time, so much that that's all I'm gonna say :P I'll still be around though, especially since the movie is just around the corner ;) Take care you all!

*new* June 30, 2010: Additional summary added to August entry. It seems now that the main plot point of the chapter revolves on the ability to control machines, and both Lars' and Regenes' is pivotal to it.
June 25, 2010: Updated up to August.
May 29, 2010: July entry supplemented with another summary
May 26, 2010: Updated up to July.
April 23, 2010: Updated up to June.
March 24, 2010:
Updated up to May.
December 6, 2009: Updated with links to Good Haro's blog.


Gundam Ace September 2009


Leif is a boy who has the same 0026 type base sequence pattern as Ribbons, with registration number 08368-SA846. He, who has the same outward appearance as Ribbons, is 18 years old.

Leif who lived as a human being one day woke up as an Innovaoid. However Leif himself doesn’t know why he was elected to be awakened by Veda. As he is switched into a new mission, the required data is downloaded into him. The subject of the mission that is given to him is “The selection of 6 Innovaoids”. For the purpose of accomplishing the mission, the ability to identify between Innovaoids and humans was added to him. Even though it is just the addressee’s image, even if the person himself is not projected, it is okay. For example, in the case that he sees an Innovaoid who is inside an MS on TV, even though he could not see the face of the pilot, he can know his name.

Leif awakes to Dr. Telicyra who previously belonged to "Doctors Without Borders". The teachers he had during this time have all gone missing. He is 40 years old, but he looks young because Innovaoids don't age. Telicyra’s ability is the power of awakening of Innovaoids. And then furthermore, on meeting with Earth Federation Force MS pilot Innovaoid Flinch, Flich is shot to death before Leif's very eyes. Furthermore, in every place they go around, the Innovaoid that his associate awakens is shot to death before his very eyes.

The killer of the Innovaoids is certainly another Innovaoid. He is named Lars Grise, and he is an Innovaoid whose left eye is artificial. From here, the enigmatic Lars attacks. Lars who killed an Innovaoid sheds tears of blood as he screams.

Gundam Ace October 2009

In this chapter, one of the Meisters, Hallelujah (Allelujah) appears.
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*new* June 30, 2010: August 2010 added.
May 29, 2010: July 2010 additional summary added.
May 26, 2010: July 2010 added.
April 23, 2010: June 2010 added.
March 24, 2010: April and May 2010 added.
December 24, 2010: February and March 2010 added.
December 6, 2009:
Depending on whether there is someone working on this or not, I'll be working on it. However, GH has been doing it, so I'll keep my lazy self lazy and just post links. The intention of this is to keep everything in one place for reference. I'll be working on things that people don't get to work on :P

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Hobby Japan January 2010


Hobby Japan February 2010


Hobby Japan March 2010

The lead in this story is the Advanced GNX. Deborah and Amy sorties to the anti-Federation PMC group. Before the sortie, a defect was found in the pseudo solar furnace of Deborah’s GNX. At that time, Amy offered his own machine’s parts to her. Deborah sortied in the Advanced GNX, while Amy went in the normal GNX. Amy was shot at one time, but the enemy’s leader was found at the spot where he crashed. Furthermore, a concealed establishment was found where his machine fell.

The next day, Deborah appeared deliberately underdressed to an opera house where Amy invited her to watch. Robert also appeared there, and after quarreling, the three decided to go? [there really is a question mark here, I don’t know why] to the theater together.

Hobby Japan April 2010


Hobby Japan May 2010

This month is Mission 005 "Speed Mission".
They fight against virus terrorism [not sure if that's the right term, probably "biological warfare" is good too] using Avalance-equipped Exia and Moreno who prepared a vaccine.
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*new* June 30, 2010: Updated with August 2010 entry.
May 6, 2010: Updated with calubin's direct translation for June 2010.
April 23, 2010: Updated with June 2010 entry.
March 24, 2010: Updated with April and May 2010 entries.
January 24, 2010:  Initial post.


00N Dengeki Hobby Magazine January 2010 Issue


00N Dengeki Hobby Magazine February 2010 Issue


00N Dengeki Hobby Magazine March 2010 Issue

This month is about the Aero Flag. It is a special variation that is supposed to be used at countries outside of where the Union Flag is used. The nose unit is modified from a gun to an aero cowl, thus it is a machine with improved flight ability.
The most popular Aero Flag [squad] is probably the one in the Elmendorf Base force at the state of Alaska. They are called the "North Shield". Joshua, who belonged to this force, left an especially brilliant battle record. There are also people who rate him higher than Graham Akre in a way.

*After this, Colasour added a sentence and signature, “But there is no doubt that he is inferior to Patrick Colasour!”, but apart from the last sentence, it is made evident that it wasn’t Patrick who wrote the article.

The name of the book is “An examination of the Union army, and their air battle reconnaissance patrol plane”. The shoulder sleeve insignia of the Elmendorf unit is the North Star and a snowy mountain. The insignia of the North Shields is made up of a skull (hell), and an axe thrust into it. (It parodies a ridicule of a reckless kind of personality called “Axel [or Axl? As in Axl Rose?]”)

In addition to this, 00N continues to Billy’s writing. The name of the book is “Weapons development at the Earth Federation, and the future”. Billy talks about an MS development episode after the pseudo GN Drive is obtained. At the end is the capture of the CB spaceship etc.
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So I'm not in the position to make criticisms on other people's translations since I'm a novice, but this just takes the cake, for a whole different reason.

Original Japanese:


English version:
Did you see this line? => (This article was originally posted in Japanese at 15:01 June 24, 2010)

Oh dear. The English article has some guesswork going on there. A handful of stuff from the English article is not posted in Japanese link. And a lot of stuff in the Japanese link is not in the English link. The English article is not "originally posted in the Japanese" in the link they provided.

Imagine, the word "Gorgeous" does not appear in the Japanese title at all, and is telling of the overall quality of article.

This is bordering on irresponsible journalism. (Bordering, because I have no information on the credibility of the website in the first place or if they have hefty disclaimers in place.)

That said, well, thanks for the person who brought this article up in 4chan. Because the Japanese title did have something that caught my eye. "...Does the greatest/largest enemy ever in Gundam appear [in the 00 movie]?" And part of the article itself reads:

Since the start of the broadcast of the Gundam series in 1979, throughout 31 years, it has depicted mankind's battle with a theme of "Why do people not understand each other?" But in Gundam 00, the greatest/largest enemy in the history of Gundam appears. [...] and that secret seems to be hidden [in the poster].

I prompted a search on other websites that support the "greatest/largest enemy" report, and these sites:

MSN: http://movies.jp.msn.com/news/article.aspx?articleid=314746
Eiga.com: http://news.ameba.jp/eigacom/2010/06/71249.html

say that it's

the "greatest/largest enemy" unprecedented in the Gundam series

Big words from the publicity team once more.

And now let's all wait for the Yun Kouga manga.
I suppose since I have almost done the others, I'd do this even if it contains nothing! Though the nothingness might be what some people might find interesting. Ironic isn't it?

The first row is about the DVD box, so starting from the second row:


Well then, this time I introduce Tieria's machine, the Raphael Gundam. His first machine Virtue, casts off (Nadleeh). The next one, Seravee, has a face at the back which transforms (Seraphim)... And now we've run out of ideas! Just kidding. We cooperated with Yanase who is the designer. And because there is a hidden gimmick prepared, please look forward to it. By the way, Raphael was created with Mizushima's strong orders. If you look closely at the design, doesn't it resemble an MS that appeared in the TV series? The truth is, this machine is certainly... (examines) ... in Celestial Being... Super censored! I can't write any more! Till next issue!
*new* June 26, 2010:  August entry added.
May 23, 2010:  July entry added.
April 23, 2010:  Initial post.

00P SE Dengeki Hobby Magazine June 2010 Issue

"File no.S01" Gundam Astrea Type F
Garazzo vs. Astrea F and Gadessa vs. Astrea F
Fon repels a Gadessa using the GN Hammer.


- A battle between Astrea and Gadessa, and Garazzo in L2.
- Fon came to this area in space saying that there's "something" there.
- Fon knows about the GNZ series.
- There's "Innovadors" here, is this a typo?
- Because Fon is in possession of the GN Hammer, this is after 00V. It's not its first battle.
- After Ribbons seized Veda, Hanayo intentionally blocked the data upload, and news is not being sent to Ribbons.
- Garazzo's pilot is Bring. Gadessa's is Hilling? Both were badly destroyed.
- The "something" is the CB space ship.
- Fon was able to restart the main Veda terminal, but the data could not be restored [to its original state]. However, the data gathered in Ribbon's Veda was upgraded.
- After the GN Hammer is thrown, it is controllable through a signal in the grip.

00P SE Dengeki Hobby Magazine July 2010 Issue

- The Alvaaron Canon has a limit of one pseudo GN Drive.
- Veda was the one who conveyed the information about Beside to Hixar.
- Hixar destroyed the data entry of Beside. (And overwrote it?)
- Hayana's GN Sefer assists. Beside flees.

00P SE Dengeki Hobby Magazine July 2010 Issue

"Red Avalanche"

Hanayo detected an odd energy stream flowing on the moon. Hanayo advices Fon that there is a big chance that it is a trap for him, but Fon says, "I will go to confirm if it's a trap" and sorties in the Avalanche Astrea F Dash. Two MA Empruss mass production types attack him. Fon shakes free from the enemy, and the Astrea entered into the moon base. But not soon after, there was a huge energy reaction that appeared from the moon base. The moon base explodes. "I can stand a few seconds of the explosion," and Fon pushes on in the explosion. The two Empruss waiting outside were completely pierced [by Fon or the explosion is not clear to me].

A few hours later, the Avalanche Astrea F Dash safely returned. Hanayo asks Fon, "Why did you go even if you knew it was a trap?". Fon replies, "Because it was a trap set for me. In short, it was something made so that I won't get bored. I couldn't not answer the invitation." Hanayo could not understand why Fon was laughing, but she pitied the enemies who tried to trap him.
scratch post, unfinished, rough translations, etc etc. I will be on vacation this weekend too, so I don't know if I'll get to finish this soon.

EDIT: Dropped, because others have worked on it (as expected) :P


Yael: Princess Marina
Have you also gone off to be a bride?

Other kid: Yeal, that’s just the story in the TV!

Yael: But still…

Marina: Oh, she’s really a beautiful bride!
But me… I’m not going anywhere.
Marina Ismail belongs to Azadistan.
This is my country of birth, the country I live in
and someday I shall lay to rest here.

Caption: A prelude to the movie: Where Setsuna and Marina are – Two people separated by sky and earth, connected only in spirit

Feldt: I’m glad this island remains as it is

Setsuna: Yeah, but we can’t resupply here.

Feldt: Have you taken a short rest?
I think it’s tiring to be in continuous stand-by.

Setsuna: Thanks Feldt, I’m fine.
When the repairs are done, let’s go immediately.
If we don’t move, the possibility of being sighted becomes greater

Feldt: Yeah…

Setsuna: This is a very nice place. But we can’t stay at one place for a long time
In this world… There’s no such thing as a place to stay in
There’s no choice but to go
There’s no choice but to move on
That sky is where I live in
[blurry text]
Setsuna: Are you also gazing at this sky?


Marina: Setsuna!
You’re…alive! I’m glad!
Setsuna: And congratulations to you for the reconstruction of Azadistan.

Marina: [Blurry text here]Actually
I’m still fumbling around
Um, please go inside

Setsuna: I’m fine here
I only went here for a last greeting
I won’t come here any more
I have become an enemy of the world
I can no longer come to meet you
We have the same wishes
We only wish for a peaceful world.

Caption: But that is much like the opposite sides of a coin
The two paths do not meet

Setsuna: I’m leaving now
I will go on

Marina: I will always be here
I will protect this country from here
Promise me one thing
That you will be happy wherever you go
Please return to this country someday
because I will always be here

Setsuna: Marina Ismail
Only you… are the princess of my country. [grrr hard to translate]

Caption: You who are like a flower that bloomed on the parched ground.

Caption: You who are like the perfectly clear, high and far sky, that you can’t reach no matter how much you extend your hands.

Setsuna: I can not turn back
I won’t turn back
I believed that my previous actions were signs of strength
I… you have…
It’s a mystery.
Standing up many times again and again
You still have that strength
Teach me how to have it.
Even on the land that is much exhausted
the flower certainly blooms       

Marina: Setsuna
Wherever you are, I will always be
wishing for your happiness

Setsuna: Good bye
Marina Ismail

Feldt: Setsuna, the preparations here are finished.
Let’s go now!

Setsuna: Okay
I will protect the world
I will become a man who goes out even in protecting just one flower

[Regene and Tieria part next...]

This is from Kuroda's monthly article. It's not much, but I found this to be interesting:

"The eye section is covered with a visor that looks like a GM's, but a cool secret is hidden there. Every time, every time I write this, I am embarrassed, but... if you could find out what it is by visiting the theater, then that would be great."
Too bad my whole ISP is blocked from posting in 4chan due to AT spam (!?!?!), but it doesn't matter. I would like to give a small pat on the back to everyone who has kept the thread up - for everyone who contributed scans, translations, scanlations, fanarts, and what have you.

So here's my little commemoration fanart... (If anyone could upload it there I would be thankful since I can't do that myself. In any case I'll post in pixiv and maybe someone will see it...)


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