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PG 00 Raiser Instruction Manual

December 22, 2009:
Development stories both done.
December 25, 2009: Merry Christmas! Page 10 story narration finished.
December 26, 2009: GN Drive text finished, image subtitles next.
December 28, 2009: GN Drive section finished. Not sure what to work on next. Maybe I'll just finish page 3.
December 29, 2009: Page 3 done, well, essentially.
December 30, 2009: Page 2 done. There was only one essential paragraph in it, actually.

- Woohoo wall of text on this one, so I'll work on those that interest me first. Probably the development stories and the GN Drives.
- If anyone wants to contribute with transciption/translation, that would be appreciated.
- I'm quite busy lately (wedding's up quite soon), so please don't expect fast progress for this.

Scan Source: Dalong


Page 2

INNER FRAME ~内部フレーム~


A mobile suit that acquired many generic qualities in order to implement movement that is close to that of humans. Inside this, the mobile weapon Gundam possesses especially high functionality. This machine is composed of an external armor that takes care of the defense, and has a complex frame that involves many joints that control movement. The frame, while reproducing the movement of humans, adopts a structure that is different from the human frame, and a wider range of motion is implemented for armaments. In addition, it is also made for armor parts that synchronize with the frame, to unite the conflicting functions mobility and defense.


Page 3



The two solar furnaces (GN Drives) set up in both of its shoulders are 0 (O) Gundam’s and Gundam Exia’s respectively. Due to the matching of the two solar furnaces, the twin drives can output not just twice [2n] the amount of particles, but a power of two [n2]. In the solar furnace that creates photon variety GN particles, an internal unit rotates while it emits a pale radiance when releasing particles. The 00’s solar furnaces are a standard developed cone-type. The 3-thruster type functionality also added to it is adopted from the second generation Gundams Astrea etc.



The circular clear green units found at the joints of the machines are called GN Capacitors [for this translation, I will use “Capacitor” since it seems to be the Romanization of コンデンサー, though it is literally read as “Condenser”.] These units characteristic to Gundams stock particles released from the solar furnace, and enables for it to be consumed in large amounts at a time. In the case of 00, it used a special newly made high efficiency GN Capacitor because the particles released by the twin drive is of a different league [or incomparable]. It has the function to display various information data about the particle amount.



The GN Drive that rotates through a motor is programmed to start rotating slowly, [not sure about the use of 様に so the next line is sketchy...]  so that the particle amount would increase.



The degree of articulation in all directions in the arm section that supports the GN Drives on both sides, which is seen in the 00 Gundam, is improved by means of a slide mechanism.



The PG's internal frame development sketch by Ebikawa. The main characteristic is the circular chest frame. With regard to the reproduction of a smooth movement that is similar to that of a human body, a unique structure construction is needed. The articulation of the frame that is accompanied with the arm from the shoulder was said to have been able to be reproduced because it is a PG.



In the PG, a clutch mechanism inside the GN Capacitor is used. It firmly holds the weight of the 0-Raiser and the GN Sword III etc at the back.



A newly designed armament because the GN Sword II did not satisfactorily make the best use of the large particle amount of the Trans-am Raiser. It uses the acquired data from development of the equipment called "00 Seven Sword". It can become a 3-group beam rifle called "GN Rifle Mode". This rifle altogether shoots a powerful beam among others, and can also be used for rapid fire, diffusion fire etc. Furthermore, in addition to the cutting power upgrade of the "GN Sword Mode", although two GN Sword IIs were necessary for the "Raiser Sword Mode", in the GN Sword III, it is enabled to be one piece.



It is an armament that changes functionality when the tip is rotated. The machine is equipped with two of these. In addition to the "Rifle Mode" which is used as a gun, the "Sword mode" which is used as a sword, the "Beam Saber Mode" which creates a beam blade, it can also be an enormous beam blade "Raiser Mode" that is created when the two are used together.



A shield of high strength E-carbon material. Furthermore, the effect of the GN field is added, and becomes a shield of perfect defense. The 00 holds two shields. It can use the two as one collective big shield, and can install each shield onto both shoulders. Its tip is sharp, and can also be used for melee battle.



[This text just describes the toy, so skipping. I should probably skip the image captions from now on since they just describe the toy!]



The beam saber mode can be returned by putting the beam blade in the sword mode.


Page 9

Development Story section:



Correspondence [or Support] for Diverse Missions

This machine which was developed in the secret Lagrange 3 factory, is set out to missions which the Gundam can not deal with. For that reason, it is loaded with a great variety of optional equipment, and experimental systems. There was no chance to use this machine for actual combat, but there is a multi-purpose GN Condenser in the hatch at the rear of the nose, and it is possible for it to provide particles to other machines. Furthermore, the hatch can also be used for maintenance: It has a monitor inside that shows the current status of the machine.


Page 10



The rebirth you brought out, I will destroy it!

Ribbons Almark captured Veda in order to make Aeolia’s plan his own, and manipulated the Earth Federation behind the scenes. He lived inside the Colony type outer space navigation mother ship “Celestial Being” that was concealed in Lagrange 2.  In order to correct humanity’s distortion, Setsuna’s group faces Ribbons in a final battle. Will it be the evolved artificial human Ribbons, or the Innovated Setsuna? The fight that determines the future of humanity starts now.

Lagrange 2 is situated at the other side of the moon that is seen from earth. At that place was concealed a huge warship, and it is where Ribbons planned the final battle to happen.

Shaking free from the attack of the Trans-am using special attack machine “Gaga”, Setsuna’s group successfully recovers Veda, and successfully stopped enemy machines that have solar furnaces.

“We’ve won”, everyone thought so at that time.

A deep red machine increasingly attacks Setsuna’s 00-Raiser.

“…Are you there?! Ribbons Almark!” Setsuna, the one who awakened as the genuine Innovator, shouts.

Before his eyes, the machine slowly stood up in order to answer Setsuna, and a mobile suit appeared.

“I want you to thank me. You received that power because of my help.”

This is the man who brags about his natural evolution, the man who distorted the world… Ribbons Almark.

“You saved me, guided me, and then, again, now, you plan to put on the air of a god before me?”

“No, I am god himself.”

“Do you want to control humanity that much!?”

Setsuna met Ribbons in a previous fight where he has already lost his conviction to live. Ribbons explains that he became a savior in order to save the foolish humans from ruin. However, that was only his ego.

“The rebirth you brought out, I will destroy it!”

Along with Setsuna’s declaration, 00-Raiser prepared to use the GN Rifle III. The fight of destiny starts now.

The machine of Ribbons possesses a transformation mechanism, and transformed into a white machine with two GN Drives on it.


Setsuna’s eyes opened.

“That’s right, this machine is the Gundam that will guide humanity!”

Reborns Gundam swings its Beam Saber. 00-Raiser takes the blow using the GN Sword III. Furious sparks fly from the two machine’s swords.

“Trans-am Raiser!”

Setsuna shouts, and his machine is dyed red.

The ultimate Gundam vs. Gundam fight continues!


Page 13

Development Story section:

オーライザーの合体システム 支援マシンであるオーライザーは、太陽炉を持たない。そのため戦場で、直接ダブルオーの太陽炉から粒子供給を受けられるようにするため、合体システムが搭載されていた。同時に2基の太陽炉から安定して粒子を得るために、太陽炉の制御システムも搭載されていた。このシステムがダブルオーのツインドライブを安定稼働させることが分かり、支援マシンとしての役割よりも、合体したままでの運用がメインとなる結果となった。

0 Raiser’s Combination System 0 Raiser, which is a support machine, doesn’t have a solar furnace. That’s why it was installed with a combination system so that particles could be received directly from the solar furnace of 00 during battles. It is installed with a regulating system for the solar furnace in order to obtain the particles while maintaining the stability from the two solar furnaces. It is understood that this system operates the twin drive of 00 with stability, and more than a support machine, with the combination, its use became a main machine as a result.


Next up, GN Drives.
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